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Marion Dumeige

The course gives you the opportunity to find what fits you best, but you also learn to be flexible and adapt to different stage directors, as you need to do while working as a professional.

The safe space created in the course gives you the chance to explore in so many ways. I would warmly recommend any young or aspiring opera singer to follow this course!

– Marion Dumeige, edition 2021

Linda Vink

Performing Opera Summer School was a fantastic experience for me! A whole new world opens up when voice and acting go hand in hand and reinforce each other in an organic way. To achieve that, intensive training is necessary. The entire Summer school was a huge eye-opener.

– Linda Vink, edition 2018

Hanna van Rooijen

The entire workshop has given me more freedom with acting. It has also challenged me to step outside my comfort zone, and I have learned more about myself as a performer.

– Hanna van Rooijen, edition 2019

Gerben van der Werf

Where the conservatory focuses on singing, it was very refreshing and educational to look at my performance from a different perspective. During POSS, I was provided with handy tools that I still use to this day. By putting the tools into practice immediately, within a week, several opera scenes with depth and emotional authenticity were created.

I have learned to translate ideas and emotions into actions.

The opera business demands so much more than just beautiful singing, so it is essential to develop yourself in all other aspects as well as the vocal.

– Gerben van der Werf, edition 2018

Esther Kouwenhoven

With a clear approach and the necessary literature, the teachers guide you for a week with the ultimate goal of a performance at the Grachtenfestival. Here, I felt the freedom to truly connect with the audience.

– Esther Kouwenhoven, edition 2021

Irene Hoogveld

The Summer school was a welcome addition to my singing studies at the conservatory. The program explicitly does not focus on singing technique but skillfully addresses movement, intention, concept, and direction. For me, this was a first introduction to working in an international group of singers. It was an exciting experience to work together with them on diverse opera repertoire in a focused manner.

– Irene Hoogveld, edition 2016