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How many pieces will I be working on during the course?

You will work on duets and arias. Additionally, a larger ensemble piece may be included in the course. You will perform at least two of these pieces in a presentation during the Grachtenfestival.

How many lessons will I receive during the course and what does a typical course week look like?

The course is packed with lessons from early morning until late afternoon, some aimed specifically at the selected duets and ariasĀ  and others at acting and performance skills more generally. To get an idea of how a day in our course week is structured please see the example below.

Example day structure

I want to learn a role, is this course for me?

The short answer is no. The course is aimed at providing young opera singers with performance skills that will serve them in many productions. It is not aimed at learning specific roles. That said, you will of course be consulted on your preferences concerning the choice of duets and arias.

Will I perform in the Grachtenfestival?

Yes, you will perform at least two opera scenes in our final presentation, which is part of the programming of the renowned Grachtenfestival Amsterdam. Additionally, you may be selected to perform in one or more other events during the Grachtenfestival, including an interview and/or performance on Radio 4 (the Dutch classical radio station).

Can I observe the lessons as a non-participant?

We do have several places for interns. Interns participate in all the group lessons, but do not perform duets or arias (see point 5 above).