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Singers are unique in that they cannot buy or borrow their instrument. They have to work with what’s been given to them: their personal sound. That is why the formal education of classical singers emphasizes the technical development of the voice. But in professional practice one needs more than simply a well-developed instrument. For example, many singers discover they must expand their ability to deliver different roles as an actor to tell their story. In short, singers have to master many techniques to have command over how they project themselves to an audience.

PERFORMING OPERA offers young singers the opportunity to precisely develop the skills most required in professional practice. Physical training, acting, improvisation, libretto and role analysis, rehearsal preparation, rehearsal technique, and musical coaching are the daily ingredients of the curriculum.


Acting and presentation form the backbone of PERFORMING OPERA. This programme will provide the essential skills that you need to confidently build your professional practice. The Summer School distinguishes itself by its focus on these essential points:

Physical action. Singers are often acutely aware that their voice is part of their body. Yet the realization that their actions and acting are also just as rooted in their body, can seem vague. During daily physical theatre training you will learn the nuances of how to use your entire body to awaken thoughts and feelings in your audience, and how affecting it can be in performance.

Training in duo and ensemble. Through this setup, you can experience that ‘action from reaction’ often results in the best and most intuitive form of acting.

Audience contact. Through a live radio broadcast, an intimate performance, and during the final presentation at the Grachtenfestival you can test your progress on a live audience.